Sterling Silver Charms Craftsman Made in the U.K.

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Sterling Silver Snake Charmer Charm

Sterling silver Snake charmer charm. Snake charming probably originated in India. Snakes are sacred to Hindus and the earliest snake charmers were probably healers. Cobras and vipers are the most commonly used snakes, sometimes they have had their venom fangs removed. Snake charming was at its peak in the early 20th century when it was performed largely as a tourist attraction, today snake charming is becoming increasingly rare.

  • Made in England
  • Approx. size 15mm x 17mm.
  • Approx. weight - 4.37grams.

Choose from the options

  • Either attach your charm with a jump ring (included in the price)
  • or,
  • Add a carabiner catch so that you can put the charm on your bracelet or necklet yourself !
  • Add a chain to wear your charm as a pendant.
  • Add a box

sterling silver carabinersterling silver 18charm box

Available Options:

11mm Carabiner - Gap 1.5mm:

Boxes no longer available:

Chain No longer available:

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