Sterling Silver Charms Craftsman Made in the U.K.

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Sterling Silver Edinburgh Castle charm

Edinburgh Castle charm in Sterling silver . Edinburgh castle rock has been inhabited at least since the bronze age 900BC. The castle rock is the eroded remains of a 350 million year old volcano. In its early days the settlement was known as Din Eidyn it only became known as Edinburgh when the first Angles settled there around 638AD. A royal castle was built on the rock in the 12th century and remained as a royal residence untill the union of England and Scotland in 1603.The oldest surviving building is St Margaret's chapel dating from the 12th century.
By Andrew Hall

  • Craftsman made in England
  • Approx. size 12mm x 13mm.
  • Approx. weight - 2.3grams.

Choose from the options

  • Either attach your charm with a jump ring (included in the price)
  • or,
  • Add a carabiner catch so that you can put the charm on your bracelet or necklet yourself !
  • Add a chain to wear your charm as a pendant.
  • Add a box

sterling silver carabinersterling silver 18charm box

Available Options:

11mm Carabiner - Gap 1.5mm:

Boxes no longer available:

Chain No longer available:

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