Sterling Silver Charms Craftsman Made in the U.K.

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The sterling silver Welsh dragon stick pin comes from an ancient Welsh Legend recorded in the Mabinogion. A terrible piercing scream is ‘heard above every hearth’ each May-eve: "It pierced people’s hearts and terrified them so much that men lost their colour and their strength, and women miscarried, and young men and maidens lost their senses, and all the animals and trees and the earth and the waters were left barren” (trans. Davies) Llefelys explains to his brother Llud that two dragons - one representing the Welsh and another representing a foreign people are locked in combat in an underground place, somewhere in the middle of the island. It is the screams of the Welsh dragon that are heard every May-Eve. Llefelys suggests digging a hole. Beside the hole a vat of mead covered with a cloth is left. Llud waits patiently untill the dragons emerge, the dragons fighting rise into the air and eventually when they are exhausted they fall onto the sheet in the shape of two pigs, the sheet sinks down with them to the bottom of the vat, they drink all the mead and after that they sleep. Then the sheet is wrapped around them, and they are buried in a stone chest hidden in the ground, and as long as they are there, no plague will come to the Island of Britain.

  • Craftsman made Sterling silver Welsh Dragon Stick Pin, supplied with sterling silver stick pin protector.
  • Made in England
  • Length approx. 60mm.
  • Approx. weight - 2.64grams.
  • Includes a presentation box (Colour may vary)

sterling silver stick pin box

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