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Sterling Silver Penguin Charm

Sterling silver Penguin charm. There are about 20 different species of penguin, they are well known for being flightless and rather awkward on land but acrobatic swimmers in the sea. They feed on Krill, squid and fish and gather in large numbers on land or ice to breed.
By Andrew Hall

  • Made in England
  • Approx. size 11mm x 15mm.

Choose from the options

  • Either attach your charm with a jump ring (included in the price)
  • or,
  • Add a carabiner catch so that you can put the charm on your bracelet or necklet yourself !
  • Add a chain to wear your charm as a pendant.
  • Add a box

sterling silver carabinersterling silver 18charm box

Available Options:

11mm Carabiner - Gap 1.5mm:

Boxes no longer available:

Chain No longer available:

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